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Ready for RTO? geniant is.

geniant is here to help you shape and define your organization's return to office strategy.


Many businesses are feeling "the great resignation." They have thousands of square feet developed for a workforce and a way of work that no longer exists. The expectations of your employees have changed; how can you be prepared for the RTO reality?

geniant is here to help you shape and define your organization's return to office strategy. Success no longer needs to be guesswork or a fluke; we have a methodology that can understand your team's challenges, organization, and culture and have these inputs lead to a successful RTO plan.

This is beyond superficial space planning and focuses on valuable outcomes for your business. Productivity, attraction, and retention are the goals, not just how many desks are needed.

To achieve a more holistic strategy and drive results, we take a deeper dive into your employees, tools, culture, organizational structure, meeting cadence, hybrid work strategy and more to define an appropriate workplace for your company that will collaboratively develop a compelling experience for all.

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Organizations see gains in several areas when they invest in Hybrid Office Redesign Projects:

"A recent study of 4,986 office workers in 11 countries found 87% of people expect to spend some time in the office, and yet only 21% of people prefer working there."

Here at geniant, we're seeing a move towards:


The future will be a hybrid of remote and in-person work, and we're only beginning to innovate on the unintended consequences of remote working en masse. Great employee experiences depend on a fluid transition between physical space and technology-enabled experiences.


The employee experience will be reconfigured to maximize the value of the experience of "coming in." This will create more variety in how teams operate, within an industry or even within a company. The workplace will also need to continuously adapt as we adjust to a new reality.


Our current expectations for the workplace is that it's affordable, it looks good, and it functions. That's not enough to win people back. We need to develop advanced, measurable expectations for how our workplace can help our employees be happier and more productive professionals.

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