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Every interaction and process needs to be designed, from customer touchpoints to employee experiences.

People are, unfortunately, often an afterthought. It could be a new point-of-sale for your restaurant chain or a new company-wide digital transformation program. The culture, strategy, training, communications, and management need to be designed and implemented for programs to succeed.

Making Your People Experience an Intentional Focus

We look at things holistically; we focus on the intended outcomes and drive change across the organization. Utilizing methods and activities from Service Design, you can visualize the entire journey, from the customer's perspective down to the employee interactions, and find where breakpoints are emerging. Mapping the whole process while using data to drive insights helps your teams better understand where to invest and how you can train, manage, and direct teams to provide better service experiences.

From customer service representatives to sales teams, front-line workers, and corporate employees, we can hone in and create experiences that drive retention, productivity, and efficiency.

We look at things holistically; we focus on the intended outcomes and drive change across the organization
Key People Offerings:
  • Employee Experience Strategy

    Hybrid Work, RTO, productivity, attraction, retention, and efficiency are just a few reasons to make sure your employees have the space, workflows, training, and tools to support your customers and their journey successfully.

  • Customer Experience Strategy

    Focusing on your customers is critical for loyalty, growth, and business success. To get there, you need to deeply understand your customers through modern methods and then create an executable strategy to drive change.

  • Service Design

    Designing a point solution doesn't solve the whole problem. With service design, you can look at the entire experience, from the employees and services to the customer perspective, designing a more holistic, seamless experience.

  • Digital & Physical Accessibility

    Accessibility and inclusive design should be more than an afterthought. Across physical space, employee communications, and your digital solutions, they need to perform across various perspectives.

  • Employee Engagement

    Attraction, retention, productivity, and efficiency are top of mind for organizations. We can help map out a strategy to help improve in these critical areas and make your employees successful!

  • Workflow Modeling

    Workflows are made up of tasks, processes, and procedures. Once a workflow is documented and visualized, you can start to understand how to improve for better results.

  • Workplace Culture Assessment

    Often, larger-scale programs fail not due to the scalability or the experiences but because an organization's culture wasn't prepared for the change. We can assess and plan to make your transformation successful.

  • Technical Organization Readiness Analysis

    When you have your strategy and are ready to build, is your technology ready? You don't want to get to a place with a plan, but you don't have the infrastructure, skills, or platforms to execute.

A holistic experience is the goal

Currently, two of the biggest challenges for businesses are new employee engagement models for hybrid work environments and breakpoints in customer omnichannel experiences. Neither of these can be fixed without a holistic view of the problem and multidisciplinary experts to solve it. Here at geniant, we've put together a company to do just that.

geniant's full services for people include:

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