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They happen in physical spaces, between people, and through digital touchpoints. Our teams have been deeply involved in methods of understanding people and their journeys for over a decade, which makes us the leading company to engage in solving holistic experiences.

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Our experts

We've brought together world-class craftspeople with the skills to help you optimize your entire brand experience. As you look to navigate your new employee engagement model for hybrid work and improve your experiences across all customer journey moments, let geniant help you shape a better tomorrow.

Starting with Clarity

Our experts love to dive into this evolution of cohesive experiences. These experiences are driven by research and insights, with a deeper understanding that allows our experts to design and build the right solutions.


People need great places to live, work, and play. Our architects and interior designers will make it happen. Utilizing their skills, reaching across disciplines to understand the people and technology aspects to create a holistic experience.

Our experts in space, interior design, and planning can help with:
  • Hybrid Office Redesign

    To achieve a more holistic strategy and drive results, we take a deeper dive into your employees, tools, culture, and more to define a workspace approach that drives the right buildout for your teams.

  • Omnichannel Experience Integration

    Technology shouldn't be an afterthought when it comes to physical space. Tight integration and smart deployments are necessary to drive a seamless experience.

  • Workspace for Agile Development Teams

    Purpose-built spaces help teams focus and achieve improved productivity. Agile, design thinking and collaboration spaces are just a couple of areas you can see improvements with custom areas within your space.

  • Space Optimization Analysis

    Today, businesses have thousands of square feet developed for a workforce for a way of work that no longer exists. We can quickly assess and analyze your current square footage and provide your teams with a modern hybrid workplace optimization plan.

  • Branded Environments

    Your brand, mission, and culture should show through in your space. Our graphic and interior designers will work with your internal teams to visualize colors, patterns, logos, and more!

  • Architecture + Interior Design

    When you're ready to design and build your new workspace, purpose build space, or retail environment, our architects and interior designers will work with your teams to develop a space that accomplishes your goals!

  • Rapid Concept Development

    When developing a new concept, our designers can quickly sketch out rapid visuals, both 2D and 3D, to help get a better idea of what the space could look like after development.

  • Metaverse & VR Design

    Virtual space isn't just for games and viewing prototypes of physical space anymore. Extending your brand into the metaverse is your chance to reimagine your brand, products, and services in an innovative way.

Learn more about our expertise across spaces


Every interaction and process needs to be designed, from services to employee experiences. How your teams interact with customers, how you deliver on your brand promise, you need to be intentional about the overall experience to set yourself apart from the competition.

Our people experts can help you with:
  • Employee Experience Strategy

    Hybrid Work, RTO, productivity, attraction, retention, and efficiency are just a few reasons to make sure your employees have the space, workflows, training, and tools to support your customers and their journey successfully.

  • Customer Experience Strategy

    Focusing on your customers is critical for loyalty, growth, and business success. To get there, you need to deeply understand your customers through modern methods and then create an executable strategy to drive change.

  • Service Design

    Designing a point solution doesn't solve the whole problem. With service design, you can look at the entire experience, from the employees and services to the customer perspective, designing a more holistic, seamless experience.

  • Digital & Physical Accessibility

    Accessibility and inclusive design should be more than an afterthought. Across physical space, employee communications, and your digital solutions, they need to perform across various perspectives.

  • Employee Engagement

    Attraction, retention, productivity, and efficiency are top of mind for organizations. We can help map out a strategy to help improve in these critical areas and make your employees successful!

  • Workflow Modeling

    Workflows are made up of tasks, processes, and procedures. Once a workflow is documented and visualized, you can start to understand how to improve for better results.

  • Workplace Culture Assessment

    Often, larger-scale programs fail not due to the scalability or the experiences but because an organization's culture wasn't prepared for the change. We can assess and plan to make your transformation successful.

  • Technical Organization Readiness Analysis

    When you have your strategy and are ready to build, is your technology ready? You don't want to get to a place with a plan, but you don't have the infrastructure, skills, or platforms to execute.

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Digital should be seamless across touchpoints, and enhance experiences every step of the way. They're a multiplier for your business and customer experience. But it takes a multidisciplinary team with cross-functional methods to make the most of your technology investment.

Our expert designers and developers can help with:
  • Digital Transformation

    Post-COVID, we've seen an acceleration in an organization's business transformation plans. There is often urgency but a mismatch of ambitions and internal teams strategy, velocity, and skills. Our experts can help you forage the right path forward.

  • Omnichannel Solutions

    The goal is to seamlessly integrate physical space with digital experiences to drive convenience and clarity for your customers and revenue and loyalty for your business. We can map out a path to drive cross-channel solutions.

  • Web & Mobile Development

    Making sure your websites and apps are responsive across devices is key to delivering to your customers wherever and whenever they are. Our teams work together so that design and development execute on the intended vision.

  • Experience Design

    Our User Experience designers work beyond visual design to ensure that your users have a usable, interactive experience that works as they need it to work with the right patterns, language, and flow.

  • Software Development

    Our teams have experience building and deploying technology solutions at scale for billion-dollar organizations. We work with client partners to define the right technology stack and include product and design to ensure a quality release at scale.

  • Design Systems

    When looking to manage design at scale: consistency, style, and interactions, there is no better way than with a Design System. The value you get from having a shared language across product, design, and technology saves countless hours and allows you to execute faster.

  • Digital Product Strategy

    Organizations often struggle with prioritizing their investments. They need strategic help from partners who can utilize customer insights instead of focusing purely on "what's possible." Using insights to direct investment to the right products and features that drive the most value for your business.

  • Behavioral Analytics

    Analytics tells an essential story about your customers' behavior. Our teams will dive into any and all data sources to drive insights from big data and analytics.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Your technology needs to support your business goals along with your customer and employee experiences. Your systems need to be standardized, scalable, and ready to go.

  • Agile Development Teams

    We can provide your organization with multidisciplinary agile teams ready to add velocity and value to your sprints. Developers, PMs, QA, and UX.

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