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Digital should be seamless across touchpoints and enhance experiences every step of the way. From Digital Transformation and mobile design to product strategy.

Technology has become nearly ubiquitous, but still, to this day, many experiences don't take advantage of the power of seamless digital experiences across channels, physical space, and systems.

Understanding Needs is Key to Effective Spending

Many still build first and ask customers later. This backward way of developing the solution before the problem has been defined leads to a waste of investment that doesn't achieve your business goals.

The answer? A holistic way of developing digital solutions — one that puts people in the center and focus on their journey, both customers and employees. Our experts have decades of experience developing large-scale systems and not just writing code but adding in the necessary people science that drives a successful solution.

Technology has become nearly ubiquitous, but still, to this day, many experiences don't take advantage of the power of seamless digital experiences across channels, physical space, and systems.
Key Technology Offerings:
  • Digital Transformation

    Post-COVID, we've seen an acceleration in an organization's business transformation plans. There is often urgency but a mismatch of ambitions and internal teams strategy, velocity, and skills. Our experts can help you forage the right path forward.

  • Omnichannel Solutions

    The goal is to seamlessly integrate physical space with digital experiences to drive convenience and clarity for your customers and revenue and loyalty for your business. We can map out a path to drive cross-channel solutions.

  • Web & Mobile Development

    Making sure your websites and apps are responsive across devices is key to delivering to your customers wherever and whenever they are. Our teams work together so that design and development execute on the intended vision.

  • Digital Product Strategy

    Organizations often struggle with prioritizing their investments. They need strategic help from partners who can utilize customer insights instead of focusing purely on "what's possible." Using insights to direct investment to the right products and features that drive the most value for your business.

  • Experience Design

    Our User Experience designers work beyond visual design to ensure that your users have a usable, interactive experience that works as they need it to work with the right patterns, language, and flow.

  • Software Development

    Our teams have experience building and deploying technology solutions at scale for billion-dollar organizations. We work with client partners to define the right technology stack and include product and design to ensure a quality release at scale.

  • Design Systems

    When looking to manage design at scale: consistency, style, and interactions, there is no better way than with a Design System. The value you get from having a shared language across product, design, and technology saves countless hours and allows you to execute faster.

  • Behavioral Analytics

    Analytics tells an essential story about your customers' behavior. Our teams will dive into any and all data sources to drive insights from big data and analytics.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    Your technology needs to support your business goals along with your customer and employee experiences. Your systems need to be standardized, scalable, and ready to go.

  • Agile Development Teams

    We can provide your organization with multidisciplinary agile teams ready to add velocity and value to your sprints. Developers, PMs, QA, and UX.

A holistic digital experience is the goal

We know currently, businesses are grappling with technology and digital innovation issues; two common struggles revolve around employee tools and engagement models for hybrid work settings and disruptions in customer omnichannel experiences. Neither of these can be fixed without a holistic view of the problem and multidisciplinary experts to solve it. At geniant, we understand the importance of having a reliable support system to help you succeed. That's why we've put together a company to do just that.

geniant's full services for technology include:

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