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People need great places to live, work, and play. Our architects and interior designers will get you there, improving employee retention, productivity, and customer engagement.

You need architects and interior designers who understand how to create places that perform at the highest level. It's not just about the look and feel but also the outcomes a space provides. Our experts will make sure your retail spaces engage and convert, and your workplaces attract talent and drive productivity.

Hybrid Workplace Productivity, Attraction & Retention

Many businesses are feeling "the great resignation." They have thousands of square feet developed for a workforce and a way of work that no longer exists. The expectations of your employees have changed; how can you be prepared for the RTO reality

geniant is here to help you shape and define your organization's return to office strategy. Success no longer needs to be guesswork; we have a methodology to understand your team's challenges, organization, and culture and the expertise to lead a successful RTO plan.

Innovation in research

The fields of architecture and interior design often rely on patterns. Here at geniant we're leading in combining the areas of physical space, people, and technology to drive outcomes that have never truly been realized. By utilizing established research methods, geniant can uncover insights and opportunities to protect your real estate investments. You can know what will drive retention for your teams and conversion for your shoppers. What technology is necessary, and how to connect all your channels into seamless experiences.

Space Key Offerings:
  • Hybrid Office Redesign

    To achieve a more holistic strategy and drive results, we take a deeper dive into your employees, tools, culture, and more to define a workspace approach that drives the right buildout for your teams.

  • Omnichannel Experience Integration

    Technology shouldn't be an afterthought when it comes to physical space. Tight integration and smart deployments are necessary to drive a seamless experience.

  • Workspace for Agile Development Teams

    Purpose-built spaces help teams focus and achieve improved productivity. Agile, design thinking and collaboration spaces are just a couple of areas you can see improvements with custom areas within your space.

  • Space Optimization Analysis

    Today, businesses have thousands of square feet developed for a workforce for a way of work that no longer exists. We can quickly assess and analyze your current square footage and provide your teams with a modern hybrid workplace optimization plan.

  • Branded Environments

    Your brand, mission, and culture should show through in your space. Our graphic and interior designers will work with your internal teams to visualize colors, patterns, logos, and more!

  • Architecture + Interior Design

    When you're ready to design and build your new workspace, purpose build space, or retail environment, our architects and interior designers will work with your teams to develop a space that accomplishes your goals!

  • Rapid Concept Development

    When developing a new concept, our designers can quickly sketch out rapid visuals, both 2D and 3D, to help get a better idea of what the space could look like after development.

  • Design, Agile, & Innovation Spaces

    Your teams need next-generation space that's specific and intentional for the type of work being done. How do design thinking, agile, and innovation manifest into purpose-used space?

  • Metaverse & VR Design

    Virtual space isn't just for games and viewing prototypes of physical space anymore. Extending your brand into the metaverse is your chance to reimagine your brand, products, and services in an innovative way.

A holistic experience is the goal

Currently, two of the biggest challenges for businesses are new employee engagement models for hybrid work environments and breakpoints in customer omnichannel experiences. Neither of these can be fixed without a holistic view of the problem and multidisciplinary experts to solve it. Here at geniant, we've put together a company to do just that.

geniant's full services for physical space include:

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geniant’s proven process and methodology — along with our expertise — works together to solve your space, people, and technology challenges.

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