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We need your talent to create customer and employee experiences across physical space, human interactions, and technology-enabled moments.


Currently, we are recruiting for several roles to help us create exceptional customer and employee experiences across physical space, human interactions, and technology-enabled moments. We are looking for people who are passionate about shaping experiences.

Here are our current openings:


Are you passionate about designing experiences for employees and customers across physical space, people, services, and technology? Here at geniant you'll get the opportunity to work with a range of projects, clients, and multi-disciplinary craftspeople to develop holistic, omnichannel experiences enabling our clients to provide great brand experiences.


Here at geniant we know that to get an experience right, you need to think holistically, driven by the right insights to design and develop the right solutions. This is where you come in. We're looking for researchers who can dive in, get close to the people using the services we're designing for, and blend qualitative, quantitive, analytics, and big data to help determine the right path forward.


Ready to concept and design the next generation of workspaces? Build out engaging retail environments that convert? Take interiors to the next level? Here at geniant we're reaching across disciplines to understand people and technology to create holistic, performant spaces — ones you'd be essential in creating.


This is where digital experiences come to life. Scalable, maintainable, high-quality code. We work with a number of client partners, so we need to be agile (pun intended) with our technology stacks and frameworks. Why might geniant interest you? We're leading in entirely new ways, driving technology across the customer and employee journey. How does technology play in or augment physical space? What are the biggest challenges to unravel? You'll be hand-in-hand with our multidisciplinary teams solving next-generation challenges and creating exceptional experiences.


Mobile continues to be a significant part of our lives, and mobile applications are critical for omnichannel experiences. We're only interested in making exceptional solutions backed by insights, research, and design. If you've always wanted to work with multidisciplinary craftspeople at the top of their game, pushing the capabilities of mobile to affect meaningful change, let us know! 


We're looking to create the next generation of work and retail spaces, and clients are looking to extend this into the metaverse. Even beyond VR, how does hybrid play into creating efficient and engaging spaces - one where people can move seamlessly between the physical and digital spaces? Join us to answer this question and define these experiences for the future.


We've brought together world-class craftspeople to help our clients across their brand experience, and we're looking for strong leadership to drive these experts through projects and more extensive programs. If running a holistic engagement that could include physical space, service design, and technology sounds like a fun challenge, let us know!


We know that every interaction and process needs to be designed, from customer touchpoints to employee experiences. How teams interact with and deliver on an organization's brand promise must be intentional. Here at geniant we're looking to shape entire experiences. How organizations are structured is part of that. We're looking for people who can take a company's culture to the next level, improve workflows, and increase productivity.


We are passionate about getting the experience right, and that includes launching something that matches our design and vision. We're looking for passionate full-stack developers who can work directly with our UX Design team to realize industry-leading interaction design and help provide our clients with effective design systems.

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